About Kristy Lang

About Kristy Lang

I am a qualified and experienced teacher with a high level of interest and extensive experience working in the area of Respectful Relationships in schools. I am a skilled trainer with a sophisticated working knowledge of Social and Emotional Learning, Gender Education and Sexuality Education, that makes up the DET Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships resource.

I have worked for over 10 years in Alternative settings for ‘at risk adolescents’ (Southern Teaching Unit – at Berendale School, and before that Myuna Farm Teaching Unit in Dandenong). The young people I worked with during this time had extreme behaviour issues, and most of them had suffered several traumas relating to family and intimate partner violence. During this time I was a Leading Teacher responsible for planning, delivery and assessment of programs within Health Education. These included; Sexuality Education (including ground breaking education around pornography and its impact on young people and their sexuality – appearing on SBS Insight program ‘Generation XXX’ in 2012 as a result), Gender and Media studies (where our team also went into Local Feeder schools and facilitated programs with their year 8 and 9 students for 1 week at a time) and Social and Emotional Learning Education.

This led me to work and collaborate with Dr Debbie Ollis at Deakin University, developing some of the lessons that are in the Building Respectful Relationships Resource (within the RRRR resource) at the year 9 and 10 level.

I was invited to join the Respectful Relationship Education in Schools (RREiS) Project in 2014/5 as a Curriculum Consultant. In this role, I delivered  two day training sessions for the RREiS pilot schools in the Outer East and also the Central Victoria regions.

I have been employed as a sessional lecturer at Deakin University to teach sexuality and respectful relationships education to Pre-service teachers.

Last year I was employed at VCAA (Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority) as a Health Specialist Teacher where my role covered the following:

This year I have worked in partnership with the Bayside Respectful Relationships Project Lead and Liaison Officer to deliver the curriculum aspect of Respectful Relationships at their training for Bayside Lead Schools.. As a result, I am currently working with a number of the Lead Schools in the Bayside and Peninsula areas (Firbank, Kilvington, Frankston Heights PS, Rosebud PS, Nepean School and Somerville Rise Primary School) to deliver whole school professional learning, assist with scope and sequence and term planning, and issues related to implementing a whole school approach to Respectful Relationships, including curriculum assessment and reporting requirements.

I am also working as a Respectful Relationships Consultant with a number of alternative settings; Sydney Road Community School and The Avenues Education, Monash Children’s Hospital School (Stepping Stones), Travancore, Baltara School and The Austin School.