Services Offered

Services Offered

Kristy Lang is available for Respectful Relationships consultancy, training and guest speaking.

Professional Learning for schools

Kristy can provide training, skill development, guidance and support for teachers, school leaders and school support staff within your school. The training is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of your educational setting. The training will cover: how and why Respectful Relationships (RR) Education came to be, the topics that are included in the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationship (RRRR) teaching and learning materials, and how it acts as a primary prevention strategy for gender based violence. Training will build participants’ knowledge, skills, confidence and understanding of issues like gender stereotyping, gender and power, consent, and types of violence (including sexual assault and sexual harassment), and how to deliver lessons on these topics in an age appropriate and culturally sensitive way. Participants will be given an introduction to the Department of Education’s approved teaching and learning materials and have some of the more challenging lessons modeled for them.

Training sessions for schools would cover topics such as:

  • Look at the content of DET’s Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships teaching and learning materials and how that content fits in with the new Victorian Curriculum.
  • Addressing teachers fears and concerns around Respectful Relationships.
  • Unpack the core elements of a whole school approach to Respectful Relationships where staff can look at school environment, policies and procedures that can further support  a whole school approach Respectful Relationships.
  • Developing a ‘gender lens’ to assist staff in working towards a gender equitable workplace and school environment.
  • Up-skill staff to support and coach their colleagues in Respectful Relationships.
  • Demonstration of and opportunity to practice some of the DET approved resources - primary, secondary and modified for specialist and alternative settings
  • Explain the support systems needed for teachers and school staff delivering the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships and Building Respectful Relationships teaching and learning materials.
  • Examples of what to expect from students as they participate in the Respectful Relationships units of work. Guidance on handling student and staff disclosures of gender based violence.
  • Advice on how to assess and report on this topic in line with the new Victorian Curriculum.
  • Support schools to set up referral pathways and form partnerships with local organisations to further support students and families in their communities.

Conference and Keynote Speaking

Kristy has presented at conferences about respectful relationships education, family violence, sexuality education and more.

Kristy is available for presentations that cover issues surrounding gender based violence, including the robust evidence base that underpins Respectful Relationships work in Victoria today. Kristy’s presentations also outline the irrefutable links between gender inequality and gender based violence and rigid adherence to gender roles and stereotypes; and attitudes, norms and behaviours and practices that support violence (Our Watch, Change the Story 2017).

Parent information/education events

Schools are being asked to implement Respectful Relationships (RR) as part of a whole school approach that includes supporting and assisting parents to understand this topic and how to support the children and young people in their family. Many schools are using a parent information evening as a way of doing this. Kristy has presented at many parent nights focusing on Respectful Relationships and is able to specifically tailor a presentation to suit the needs of the families that are part of your school community.

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