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 "Kristy recently visited Rosebud Primary School and conducted one of the first ever PD's on "Respectful Relationships" and how it is to be integrated into the curriculum. I am the male Physical Education Teacher at my school and the major point I would like to stress about Kristy's PD, is that she made it clear with all staff at our school, that certain statistics and issues discussed surrounding violence against women, were not at any point a reflection of the male staff within Rosebud Primary School, but simply facts that exist in the real world that have been a catalyst for this initiative to be introduced. She continued to reiterate this throughout the day and at no point did I take any information presented personally. I walked away feeling extremely informed, confident to teach any content area required to either gender and most of all in a positive mindset. It was the best PD I have ever been involved in- and I mean that. Kristy's calming, professional and considerate nature allowed her to address some prickly issues, and make it purely and educational experience for us all where we left feeling empowered. The way it was conducted, the manner in which it was presented and the thought that had gone into her presentation meant that many staff left feeling a lot less anxious than they started. If you are lucky enough to have Kristy visit your school, go to the PD with an open mind and an understanding that you are purely and simply being presented with information and helpful resources and ideas of how to educate your students; and you will leave empowered and with a wide range of strategies to not only tackle certain issues with students that already exist, but with amazing ones that can educate the children of our future. Don't look at this with a chip on your shoulder, but with an open mind of how we can make the lives of the children we teach, better ones. I wish I had this when I was a 10 year old. "

Cory Smithett Rosebud Primary School, Physical Education Teacher

Kristy is an excellent presenter.  Her expertise and knowledge is presented in a caring and practical way.  Her presentation had a meaningful impact at our school.  Many staff commented on how, as a result of working with Kristy, not only did their practice and approach in the classroom change but that it also impacted how they interact with friends and family.

Kate Major Head of Wellbeing Firbank Grammar

“Kristy was excellent, informative and powerful’

“That session was brilliant.”

“It was confronting but important.”

“Kristy’s presentation style was perfect for the content, she didn’t judge, she was well informed and explained everything in a really clear way.”

“I liked how what she was saying could directly impact not only on how I speak to my students but also my family.”

“I’m going to use some of the content in my classes and show my kids some of those videos.”

“Thanks so much that had a big impact.”

Comments from staff at Firbank Grammar School after a 1 hour introduction to Respectful Relationships

“Kristy is a passionate advocate of Respectful Relationship Education. With a sound understanding of the drivers of violence against women and how schools work, she is a skilled presenter with enormous expertise and experience in the delivery of RRE. Kristy was instrumental in the trial and development of key teaching and learning activities in the current Building Respectful Relationship Stepping Out  resource for secondary schools developed for DET. “

Dr Debbie Ollis Associate Professor of Education (Health & Physical Education) Deakin University

"After hearing Kristy present on Respectful Relationships, I was very keen to have her address our staff as we began to implement the Respectful Relationships Initiative at our school. The staff found Kristy knowledgeable and engaging and the conversations that arose from her talk were continuing weeks later. We are looking forward to working with Kristy again soon."

Sally Kenny School Psychologist, Kilvington Grammar School